Qianhai China Metallurgical Technology Building won LEED-CS gold pre-certification

Honor Zhubo Tech

Another masterpiece of the green building team of Zhubo Design-Shenzhen Qianhai China Metallurgical Technology Building won the LEED (US Green Building Pioneer Award) gold pre-certification certificate issued by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). This is another green building benchmark project after Zhubo Design's green building team has been deeply involved in the Qianhai Bay area.


▲LEED gold pre-certification certificate



Zhubo Design helps MCC fulfill its social responsibilities as a leading enterprise


Qianhai China Metallurgical Technology Building is a technology research and development headquarters base built by China Metallurgical Group in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As a leading large-scale state-owned real estate development company, MCC Land has been committed to exploring the concept of green development, creating a sustainable green and smart ecological city, and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. Zhubo Design assisted MCC Real Estate this time by incorporating the design concept of "green, low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving" into the project, implementing a green technology real estate strategy, and contributing its own strength to the green development of the construction industry.




An office building infused with the vitality of green buildings


"Green sustainable development" has been one of the key points of design and operation considerations in the project conception stage. As a third-party green building consulting agency, Zhubo Design has tailored green practice strategies for the project, and hopes to create a green building with life. The vibrant office building supports the sustainable development concept of the project from the following five dimensions.



Ecological pattern

During the construction process of the project, we will try our best to reduce the disturbance of the original soil during the development process, and protect the ecological sensitivity of the site, try our best to restore the vegetation construction on the site, and preserve the surface soil of the site for subsequent plant planting, while maintaining various performance indicators of the soil.


Site microclimate

In the early stage of the plan, Zhubo Technology conducted a simulation analysis of the wind environment, noise environment, and heat island environment of the site to guide the project's landscape layout, paving material selection, and shading design of the activity space, etc., to optimize the site Pedestrian comfort.


Sponge City Special Design

According to the design concept of "seepage storage, net use and drainage", the project adopts a combination of permeable paving, rainwater garden, and rainwater reuse system. Priority is given to infiltrating rainwater from the site within the project area to conserve groundwater. After the excess runoff is treated Re-used in this project, while saving water, reduces the pressure of drainage of municipal pipe network.


Low-carbon technology and recycling

The whole building adopts first-class water-saving appliances and uses municipal reclaimed water for toilet flushing in some areas. The project saves more than 60% of water. The air-conditioning system uses high-efficiency fans and water pumps; the water supply and drainage system uses variable-frequency water pumps for water supply; the whole building uses LED lamps and is equipped with an intelligent lighting control system; comprehensive calculation of the building energy consumption of the whole building is 13 lower than the American ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010 standard %above.


Perceivable environment

The air conditioning system is equipped with a medium-efficiency filter to ensure that the concentration of PM2.5\PM10\ozone in the office space meets the standard; the office space is equipped with a carbon dioxide sensor, which is linked with the fresh air to ensure fresh air for indoor personnel; the underground garage is equipped with a carbon monoxide sensor, and The exhaust system is linked to realize the clean air of the whole building without dead angles.



The green building team of Zhubo Design was established in 2011. It is a member unit of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), a green building technical consulting record unit of the Guangdong Building Energy Conservation Association, and a vice president unit of the Shenzhen Green Building Association. Over the years, we have been committed to assisting owners and designers to build more efficient, environmentally friendly, healthier and more harmonious green buildings. So far, we have provided green building and sponge city design consulting for more than 300 projects. We look forward to co-creating industries with more companies in the future Green benchmark!

Project information

Design time: 2019.5-2020.3

Land area: 7353㎡

Building area: 66268㎡

Project location: Guiwan area, Qianhai, Shenzhen

Green Building Honor: LEEDCS Gold Pre-certification

Green Building Consulting Team: Lin Chaonan, Chen Chunyan, Huang Guomei

Project owner: Shenzhen Qianhai Yejian Technology Development Co., Ltd.