Zhubo Medical appeared at the hospital construction conference, and Shanghai Children's Medical Center won the "China Top Ten Hospital Architectural Design Plan"

Honor Shanghai Branch

On September 19-21, 2020, the "21st National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition" was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Intelligent Integration · Diversified Development, Active Healthy Hospital Transformation and Construction Innovation", this conference will build a platform for the coordinated development of the entire industry chain related to hospital construction.




As a comprehensive service provider for the entire industrial chain of architectural design, Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of medical building design practice. It exhibits recent works and showcases the latest design achievements of Zhubo in medical buildings. In this exhibition, the Shanghai Children's Medical Center Medical Complex was awarded the "Top Ten Hospital Architectural Design Schemes in China".




Academic Forum for Architects of Medical Service Facilities


The latest technology exchanges of industry leaders


The 7th Asian Medical Service Facilities Architects Forum was held at the same time. The forum brought together many big names in the hospital construction field and brought the latest technical exchanges in the industry. The guests brought analysis and thinking from different perspectives and dimensions in the field of medical architectural design. 



At the forum, Zhou Jie, Executive Vice President of Zhubo Design, gave a keynote speech on "Multi-dimensional Discussion of Medical Building Design Methods". Zhou said: "Out of the trap of the big environment, thinking about the essence behind the phenomenon should not only be suitable for the present, but also have Long-term vision. Let more ideas and plans play a benign role, design hospitals that are easy to use, and build hospitals that are easy to use in the future."



▲Zhubo Design Executive Vice President Zhou Jie delivered a speech



Directly hit the site of Zhubo Medical Design Exhibition


Bring a new visual experience


For the first time, this exhibition will be interactively shared in 16 themed exhibition areas and on a grand stage of 100,000 square meters, building a broad stage for the coordinated development of the entire industry chain for all parties involved in politics, industry, academia, research, and users.




In the booth design, Zhubo uses three-dimensional suspended geometric modules as basic elements, uses bright color matching, and combines multimedia and model display project information to bring a brand-new visual experience to the audience.



During the conference, many professionals visited the Zhubo Design booth and communicated with representatives of the venue. Through interconnection, open and shared exhibitions, conferences and forums, exhibitions and industry information, the medical exhibition ended successfully.



Zhubo Design-Medical Building Design Section


Construct a humanized medical place


The medical building design section of Zhubo Design is committed to improving and enhancing the quality of China's medical environment. We provide investors with comprehensive services for the integrated design of medical buildings, and at the same time construct a humanized place for users in line with their behavioral dignity.



The medical building design team of Zhubo Design has 20 years of medical building design practice, with projects covering more than 20 large and medium-sized cities across the country, and has been committed to providing investors and users with suitable, efficient, safe and economical construction sites through design methods. ; We regard "effective cooperation among designers, investors, users, regulators, and builders" as the key factor in the success or failure of the project.


>>Shenzhen Jihua Hospital (under construction)



>>Shenzhen Second Children's Hospital (under construction)



>>Shanghai Children's Medical Center Complex Building



>>Shanghai Xinhua Hospital Pediatric Comprehensive Building



>>Wujiang Economic Development Zone People's Hospital



>>Shanghai International Medical Center



>>Shenzhen Third Children's Hospital (under design)



>>National Children's Medical Center (under design)



In the future, we will continue to contribute our wisdom to the improvement and enhancement of the quality of China's medical environment through practical practice, and continue to deliver our high-quality medical buildings to China.