BeijingPoly International Plaza


Poly International Plaza

Beijing Poly International Plaza is located between the Forbidden City and the Capital Airport. It occupies a superior position in the new business district near the Capital Airport Expressway. The design implements the Poly brand concept, enhances the added value of the product, and plans the project into a striking and distinctive image of the gateway to Beijing, attracting elite customers. The land is divided into 4 plots in total, and the middle is divided into two by the CBD central axis green belt. Among them, the public construction plots are concentrated in the form of office buildings, with a novel and unique shape, which not only combines the charm of traditional Chinese origami lanterns, but also has modern elements with a sense of time and technology, establishing a distinctive position as a new landmark of the city. The other three plots are mixed with residential buildings in the form of supporting commerce. The interior of the community is surrounded by tower houses to provide the largest green landscape for the interior of the community. The entire community building adopts a modern neo-classical style, which echoes the office area on the south side as a gateway symbol. The heights of the buildings are staggered, enriching the city skyline, and showing rich architectural outlines and expressions. The facade of the building is stable and square, its iconicity is not overly exaggerated, and its concise design makes it more urban and contemporary.

Project information

Completion year: 2010
Project location: Beijing
Design Team: Beijing Branch
Project progress: built
Building area: 390,000㎡
Land area: 90,000㎡
Cooperation unit: SOM
Building height: 150m

Award information

China Architectural Design Award, Second Prize of Structural Specialty (Architectural Society of China, 2017-2018)
National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award, First Prize of Public Construction of Construction Engineering (China Survey and Design Association, 2017)
The 12th Jinpan Awards North China & General Selection Best Office Building of the Year (Jinpan Awards Organizing Committee, 2017)