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The Wuhan Branch was established in 2014 and currently has more than 80 professional design talents, including 2 senior engineers, 27 engineers, 1 first-class registered architect, 3 first-class registered structural engineers, and 2 first-class registered public equipment engineers.


The Wuhan company focuses on architectural design and related business fields, continues the group design industry chain, and provides customers with unified, professional, high-quality full-process design and consultation service. Create a multi-dimensional collaborative design platform for the architectural design industry, and become a leading domestic architectural design and project management integrated solution service provider.


The Wuhan Branch adheres to the values of "global vision, social responsibility, people-oriented, and performance-oriented" to create value for customers, employees, shareholders and society. The company respects the code of conduct of diversity, tolerance, rules, and freedom, integrates humanistic care into corporate management, advocates healthy work and life, and creates a platform for self-worth and career development.


16F, Block B, Huitong New Changjiang Center,No.6 Xudong Street,Wuchang District,Wuhan,Hubei, P.R.China
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