GuangzhouR & F Dongshan New World


R & F Dongshan New World

Guangzhou R&F Dongshan Xintiandi is located at the junction of Yuexiu District and Tianhe District in Guangzhou, close to the new central axis of Guangzhou City. The designer makes full use of the building’s influence on the city’s skyline and the vision as a “gateway” on Guangzhou Avenue to design landmark buildings to create a new high-quality residential and shopping destination for the downtown area of Guangzhou. The plan divides urban public spaces with varying degrees of openness into dynamic and static partitions. In the dynamic area, a series of high-quality landscape streets and public squares are designed to enhance the public space quality of the project. Aiming at the long, narrow, scattered, and high floor area characteristics of the site, a linear layout is adopted to emphasize the good relationship with the surrounding area. The three residential buildings are staggered back and forth to make their shape more intimate and rhythmic. The tower design adopts modern techniques to make the building lighter and taller, forming a harmonious and unified group shape with the concise image of the main office tower as a landmark. The simple facade style is rich in content, and there is no loss of contrast in the unity. The residential and apartment land used to create a commercial inner street, while forming a continuous commercial interface with the office and club land, effectively enhancing the commercial value of the project.

Project information

Completion year: 2016 
Project location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Design Team: U+Design Branch
Project progress: built
Building area:344,000㎡
Land area: 30,000㎡
Building height: 235m

Award information

The 11th Jinpan Award South China & General Selection, The Best Comprehensive Real Estate of the Year (Jinpan Award Organizing Committee, 2016)
The 17th Shenzhen Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award, the second prize in the residential category (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2016)