ShenzhenRolansberg Hanking Center


Rolansberg Hanking Center

Hanjing Financial Center is located in the high-tech park in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It is a complex integrating office and commercial functions. As "the world's highest core tube external all-steel structure building", it has become an excellent creative landmark building in Shenzhen with a strong sculptural image. It has greatly expanded the space of super high-rise office buildings through a new core tube external method. Experience. Hanking Financial Center integrates work, culture and commerce, and becomes the representative of Shenzhen’s global urban positioning. It occupies a prominent position on Shennan Avenue. Its prominent height and striking outline redefine the skyline of Shennan Avenue and convey Hanking Financial Center is a large global enterprise and information open to the public at the same time.


Hanjing Financial Center breaks the defects of traditional office buildings and envisions a new office space: adjust the space of the traditional office buildings through rearrangement, move the traffic core and main service space outside the main building, thus creating an open, Flexible free space meets the unique identity and specific needs of each customer in the best way. This creates a high-quality work space, giving users a feeling of spaciousness and at the same time providing a 360-degree view of the city landscape.

Project information

Completion year: 2018 
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Design Team: Shenzhen Branch
Project progress: built   
Building area: 160,000 ㎡    
Land area: 11,000 ㎡
Cooperative unit: Morphosis, H+P
Building height: 350m

Award information

Global Award Excellence Award Construction Award (World Society of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, 2019)
Shenzhen Second Architectural Creation Award, Construction Drawing Design Gold Award (Shenzhen Association of Registered Architects, 2016)
Shenzhen 3rd Housing Construction Engineering Excellent Construction Drawing Design Award Public Construction Gold Award & Public Building Structure Professional Award & Public Building Water Supply and Drainage Professional Award (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2016)