Two super high-rise buildings designed by Zhubo won three awards in the 2021 CTBUH Global Awards

Honor Shenzhen Branch & Zhubo Tech

The World Society of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) announced on February 4 the outstanding award-winning projects of the 2021 Global Awards in various categories. Zhubo designed two super high-rise projects and won three awards.


 CTBUH Best Tall Building Award (300-399m)

 Best High-rise Office Building Award


Hanking Financial Center



 CTBUH Best High-rise Office Building Award


Qianhai Shimao Building


Awards Introduction



The World Society for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is a global leader in the concept, design, construction and operation of tall buildings and future cities.


The Global Award is established by CTBUH to recognize projects that have made outstanding contributions to high-rise buildings and the urban environment and are sustainable on a broad level.



This event has more than 160 projects competing in 28 categories of awards. It is expected that more than 800 colleagues from more than 40 countries will participate in this event, including the investors, owners, developers, and developers behind these projects. user.


Project Introduction



▌Hanjing Financial Center ▌



Hanjing Financial Center, as a "global high-separation core tube building" and "Asia's tallest all-steel structure building", has become an excellent creative landmark in Shenzhen with a strong sculptural image. It adopts a new way of external core tube. Greatly expand the space experience of super high-rise office buildings.


Zhubo Design relies on its strong design ability and technical team to perfectly present the design concept, and continuously promote the development of super high-rise buildings in the technological innovation of all-steel structures and the application of BIM technology.





Design unit: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd.

Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Completion time: 2018

Land area: 11,017 ㎡

Building area: 160,169 ㎡

Project leader: Liu Xiaoying

Project Executive Manager: Xiong Guilin

Project design team: Liu Ye, Huang Dihui, Pan Jie, Xu Longjie, Luo Jinyong, Cao Haiping

Structural design team: Ma Zhenyan, Gao Feng, Tang Zhen, He Qiujun, Zeng Zhijian, Sun Xiang, Luo Wei, Cheng Yanhong, Luo Yuanjie

Water supply and drainage design team: Zhang Yongfeng, Li Tao, Yang Kunyan, Zhu Xu, Yuan Shaoning

Electrical design team: Hu Qian, Wu Yan, Liang Fusheng, Wu Rongjian, Wang Qing, Zhang Huanhui, Zhou Zushou, Chen Baijian, Lei Jing

HVAC design team: Ding Ruixing, Liu Hong, Wang Shuo, Xie Zexin, Li La, Mo Naiyi, Cai Mingjuan

Green Samsung and LEED certification: Zhubo Technology

Architectural design cooperation unit: Morphosis Architects

Structural consultant and cooperation unit: H+P architectural structure office

BIM design cooperation unit: Obi Consulting

Developer: Shenzhen Luolan Sibao Property Development Co., Ltd.

Photographer: Zhang Chao


▌Qianhai Shimao Building ▌


Qianhai Shimao Building is located at Block 03, Unit 19, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone, Qianhai, Shenzhen. Its overall building consists of a 300-meter-high Grade A office building and six independent commercial podiums.


It integrates "finance, corporate display, and commerce", and integrates a variety of personalized design requirements, and is committed to building a corporate business card with an international bay area benchmark.






Project Name: Qianhai Shimao Building

Project location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Project function: office, commercial

Building area: 190,000 square meters

Building height: 294.3 meters (299.8 meters above sea level)

Project Director: Yang Weizhong

Project chief: Liu Xiaoying, Huai Yali

Architectural design: Xue Zhuoheng, Chen Xiaodong, Wang Longchuan

Structural design: Ma Zhenyan, Zhao Xuefeng, Wang Jinwen, Peng Hao, Li Qiang, Wang Ya

HVAC design: Ding Ruixing, Liu Hong, Hou Lianjian, Xie Zexin, Pan Xuhui

Electrical design: Wang Qing, Lu Shaofeng, Wan Chunni, Yao Zhi

Water supply and drainage design: Zhang Yongfeng, Zhu Xu, Jiang Xinglin

Intelligent design: Liu Yuhui, Yang Xiwei

BIM design: Zhao Baosen, Zhou Yunkai

Green Building Design: Lin Chaonan, Li Hongzhu

Cooperative units: Jinsi Architectural Design Office (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Arup Engineering Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch

Project owner: Qianhai Shimao Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.