Zhubo Design 2020 Annual Review

Honor Headquarters

Gogo once said that architecture is the yearbook of the world, and when songs and legends have been silent, it is still telling. Just like the world where the pause button was pressed at the beginning of 2020, people have moved away from the streets and returned to the shelters of buildings.
Overcoming the difficulties together, Zhubo Design adheres to the values ​​of "global vision, social responsibility, people-oriented, and performance-oriented", and has made great achievements in this extraordinary year.
More than 100 awards and honors, more than 10 projects have won bids, and one boutique building after another is gradually completed. Let us review the extraordinary 2020 together.



▊A+Firm Awards nominated for the best super large company of the year


The results of the first A+FirmAwards hosted by Architizer in the United States were announced, and Zhubo Design was nominated for the Best of the Year-Super Large Company Special Award.



▊Global Award of the World High-level Habitat Society

Two super high-rise buildings designed by Zhubo won three awards in the 2021 CTBUH Global Awards.



▊US IDA International Design Award

Foshan Poly Tianyue Exhibition Area and Shenzhen Xin'an Street Comprehensive Cultural Service Building won two bronze awards in the United States IDA International Design Award.




Foshan Sanshui Cultural Center and Longyuan School affiliated to Central China Normal University won the A’DESIGN AWARD International Gold Award and International Silver Award respectively.




▊The PLAN AWARDS Design Award in Italy

Beijing Poly Garden was shortlisted for the 2020 Italian THE PLAN AWARDS Design Award.




▊Top 60 Chinese engineering design companies

Zhubo Design was shortlisted as one of the top 80 Chinese contractors and the top 60 engineering design companies of ENR Construction Times!



▊China Construction Project Luban Award

Xinjiang Art Center won the 2020-2021 first batch of Luban Awards for China's construction projects, which is the highest honor for the quality of China's construction industry.



▊China Hospital Construction Award

The medical complex of Shanghai Children's Medical Center was awarded the 5th China Top Ten Hospital Architectural Design Plan.



▊Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award

Tencent Wuhan R&D Center and Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone People's Hospital won the second and third prizes of Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Construction Project Design Public Building Projects in 2020.



▊Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award

52 outstanding projects of Zhubo Design won 82 Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Awards.



*The above only shows part of the award information, more awards will be announced.



▊Shenzhen Natural Museum

The international tender for the preliminary design of the Shenzhen Natural History Museum's proposal and architectural specialty will announce the results of the bid on November 13, 2020. "Bega Aiqi (Shanghai) Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. + 3XN A/S + Zhubo Design Co., Ltd." The body won this bid.



▊Shenzhen Third Children's Hospital

The design takes the creation of an environment close to nature as the vision of the project, so that children, family members and staff can experience a more natural healing space.




▊Shenzhen Eye Hospital

The second phase of Shenzhen Eye Hospital will build a digital eye health building based on 5G technology, Internet of Things + artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other core information technologies, forming an eye health service system with Shenzhen characteristics.




▊Shenzhen Liannan Primary School

The design of Shenzhen Liannan Primary School conforms to the campus' concept of "natural education", and proposes a design strategy of "a new three-dimensional compound community education complex, ubiquitous diversified learning space".




▊Alto Electronics Headquarters Building

Zhubo Technology successfully won the bid for the Alto Electronics Headquarters Building project with its excellent technical strength and perfect and meticulous service.



*The above only shows part of the winning projects, and more projects are to be made public.




▊Xinjiang Art Center

In 2012, the autonomous region government decided to build the Xinjiang Art Center with an art gallery as its main function. The project took 8 years to complete, with a total area of ​​78,000 square meters. It is the largest single cultural building since the establishment of the autonomous region.



▊Shenzhen Center Tianyuan

After the completion of Shenzhen Center Tianyuan, it has become the new and most dynamic heart of Shenzhen. It has about 500,000 square meters of luxury residences and apartments, two about 200,000 square meters of super Grade A office buildings, 300,000 square meters of diversified shopping malls, with a total construction area of ​​about 1.4 million square meters.




▊Beijing Poly and Guangchenyue

The overall plan of the project is integrated into the urban structure in the form of blocks, advocating an open, shared, and vibrant lifestyle.




▊Guangzhou Poly Hexihui Pension

Zhubo Design's first retirement building in China was officially completed and put into use, indicating that Zhubo Design has made innovative and exploratory contributions to a new type of elderly care model that solves the development trend of social "aging".



▊Pediatrics Comprehensive Building of Shanghai Xinhua Hospital

The Pediatric Comprehensive Building of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, which was designed by Zhubo, was put into trial operation on July 31, 2020.



*The above only shows part of the completed projects, so stay tuned for more projects.


▊Zhubo Design is on the list of Gude Design Network's most popular buildings in April

Foshan Sanshui New City Cultural and Commercial Complex was selected as the most popular building in April 2020 by Good Design.com.



▊9 projects are published on mainstream architecture websites such as ARCHDAILY and Gude

9 projects including Shenzhen Natural History Museum, Shenzhen Guangming Public Service Platform, Shenzhen Xin'an Street Comprehensive Cultural Service Building, Foshan Sanshui Cultural and Commercial Complex, and Shanghai Xinhua Hospital Pediatric Complex Building were successfully released on Archdaily, Gude and other websites.



▊Shenzhen construction ranked first in the total number of successful bids

In an article published by Youfang Space on the analysis and publication of Shenzhen architectural bidding data, Zhubo Design ranked first in the list of the total number of bids won.


▲The source of the picture data is Fangspace



▊Interview with Zhubo Design of Shenzhen TV Station Finance Channel

What outstanding contributions has Zhubo Design made to the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area? Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Zhubo Design by the Financial Channel of Shenzhen TV Station.



▊"Time Profile" Shenzhen Architecture Exhibition

Four experts from Zhubo Design participated in the "Time Section" Shenzhen Architecture Exhibition with their work representatives.



▊Set up new branches in 6 cities

We have successively set up new branches in Nanning, Huizhou, Taiyuan, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou and other places to expand our territory!




▊Received more than 20 letters of praise

We received more than 20 commendation letters from developers such as Vanke, Poly, Galaxy, Fortis, etc., fully affirming the work of the Zhubo Design teams.


▊The super large "Z" steel corridor sets a new domestic record

The Gemdale Weixin Technology Park is expected to be completed in early 2021, and the steel corridor has been upgraded as a whole. The super-large cantilevered "Z" steel corridor has been upgraded and set a new domestic record!



▊More strategic partners

Blu-ray Group issued certificates of strategic partners to Zhubo Design, and embarked on a path of diversified cooperation in all-round mutual support, information exchange, and resource sharing.




▊The prefabricated architectural design center officially unveiled

The prefabricated architectural design center jointly established by Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. and Guangdong China Construction Technology Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated.



This year is a year of achievements and awards for Zhubo Design.
In today's ever-changing social development trend, Zhubo Design still has the courage to seize the opportunity. In 2020, it has successfully won the bid for Shenzhen Natural History Museum, Shenzhen Eye Hospital and other large-scale livelihood projects, laying the foundation for future development and opportunities.
Looking back on the past, looking forward to the future, both wind and rain...Zhubo Design is willing to be with you to create a beautiful new chapter in 2021!