Zhubo Design won the highest level of A’DESIGN AWARD in 2021

Honor Z.Studio & AAO & Shenzhen Branch & Chi

The results of the 2021 A'DESIGN AWARD were announced in April. The masterpieces of Zhubo Design "Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Service Platform" and "Xiamen Poly Sanqi Building·Haiji Hall" won the International Platinum Award (the highest level) and the International Gold Award respectively. 



The A’DESIGN AWARD design award originated in 2009 and aims to give the highest honor to the best designers, design teams and design companies in various creative fields around the world.


All entries are peer-reviewed and anonymously selected by an expert jury composed of top industry scholars, important media members and senior professionals. The results of the selection are absolutely authoritative. It is currently the largest and most comprehensive global design competition in the world, and enjoys the reputation of "Oscar in the European Design Circle".


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2021 A'DESIGN AWARD Platinum Award
Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Service Platform
Architectural design: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd.


2021 A'DESIGN AWARD Gold Award
Xiamen Poly Sanqian Building·Haiji Hall
Architectural design: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd.


丨Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Service Platform丨


▲2021 A'DESIGN AWARD Platinum Award (the highest level award)


The Guangming Public Service Platform starts from the surrounding ecological environment and leaves a larger public space for the city through a compact layout. The building is divided into two upper and lower sections of different forms, corresponding to the functional partitions of internal office and external service respectively. The two building blocks are organically combined through a curved perforated aluminum curtain wall, forming many free breathing holes, making the space light and three-dimensional, thus shaping a different public service building.



Project information

Project Name: Public Service Platform of Guangming New District, Shenzhen
Project location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Building function: office
Total construction area: 81,200 square meters
Building height: 53.4 meters
Project chief: Feng Guochuan, Zhong Qiao
Project Executive Manager: Qu Yu, Zhang Biqin, Xiong Guilin
Design team: Deng Hua, Xu Longjie, Zhang Meisong, Hou Lianjian, Bao Shaobin, Qu Zhenhua, Liang Fuji, Xie Bo, Lu Fang
The second deepening design of the curtain wall: Shenzhen Guanghua Insulating Glass Engineering Co., Ltd.
Green Building: Shenzhen Yuezhong Green Building Technology Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: Huang Hongju, Fang Minghui
Developer: Shenzhen Guangming New City Property Development Co., Ltd.
Owner's design management: Shenzhen Guangming District Construction and Public Works Department


丨Xiamen Poly Three Thousand Building•Haiji Hall丨

▲2021 A'DESIGN AWARD Gold Award


In order to integrate the community into the environment, create a vigorous space and maximize the coastal public space. The planning of Poly Three Thousand Buildings creates a dynamic "C" axis, connecting various public nodes, and using overhead cantilevering to give the hall a public landscape. At the same time, in order to continue the local culture, the designer has conducted an in-depth study on the “out of bricks and entering stones” of the traditional dwellings in southern Fujian, creating a parametric texture and attaching it to the building skin, so that people can enjoy the flow of scenery in the process of moving. Art.



Project information

Project Name: Xiamen Poly Three Thousand Building·Haiji Hall
Project location: Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Building Function: Commercial
Building area: 1643 square meters
Building height: 12.65 meters
Project chief: Yang Weizhong
Architectural design team: Xia Chong, Wan Wenhui, Wei Bo, Su Chudu, Tang Daiwen, Lai Shengqi
Construction drawing design: Xiamen New District Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Interior Design: Planning by Shangnuo Bernard Space
Developer: Xiamen Poly Development Co., Ltd.