Zhubo Design was nominated for the Grand Prize of the Best Super Large Company of the Year in the Architizer A+Firm Awards

Honor Headquarters

Recently, the results of the first A+Firm Awards hosted by Architizer of the United States were announced. Zhubo Design was nominated for the Best of the Year-XL Firm Finalist (Best of the Year-XL Firm Finalist).



A+ Firm Awards has multiple categories of awards, and each award has three levels, namely: Winner, Finalist and Special Mention. Among them, there is only one Winner and four Finalist. name.


The final special prize was won by Foster+Partners, followed by Zhubo Design. Tsinghua University Design and Research Institute was also shortlisted.



Awards Introduction




The Architizer A+Firm Award is a brand new award that focuses on the architects and partners behind the world's outstanding architecture. This is the only award with a clear scale and scope of influence. Through comprehensive project level evaluation, the world's top design firms and architecture and space and engineering professional groups and individuals are selected.



Architizer is the world's largest construction digital platform, with more than 7 million community registrations.

As a new media platform that radiates the world, the website has a user base of 400 million+ users. In this competition, more than 400 companies from 50 countries on six continents submitted works for selection. 


 Zhubo Design Entries




Shenzhen Guangming New District Public Service Platform




Foshan Sanshui New City Cultural and Commercial Complex




Nanning Planning Exhibition Hall




Hainan History Museum