GanzhouPoly · City Gather Exhibition Area


Poly · City Gather Exhibition Area

The architectural image language of the exhibition center is combined with the regional context, and the square volume is used to reflect the etiquette and symmetry of the traditional architecture, highlighting the dignified atmosphere. The middle part of the first floor is overhead, combined with the patio to form a pattern of 'four waters returning to the house'. The facade texture extracts elements from the Ganjiang water culture, and uses the special design technique of metal folding plates to form a sparkling visual effect, which is the inheritance and interpretation of the Ganzhou water culture. The upper and lower sides of the metal folding plate are all closed with aluminum plates, which enhances the sense of refinement of the design. The first floor is designed with a full curtain wall, which makes the interior and exterior blend together, bright and transparent. The design of the facade texture of the metal folded plate shows the changes of light and shadow vividly. Virtual and real, light and shadow make the building and light have a wonderful relationship. At the same time, it forms a dialogue with the city on a near-human scale, drawing the city's attention here, and allowing people to explore the cultural origins behind it.

Project information

Completion year: 2018
Project location: Ganzhou, Jiangxi
Design Team: Wuhan Branch
Project progress: Built
Building area: 1,250㎡

Award information

2020 Kinpan Award Wanjiang Division Best Pre-sale Real Estate Award of the Year