ShenzhenUrban Renewal of Futian Jindi Industrial Zone


Urban Renewal of Futian Jindi Industrial Zone

The Urban Renewal of Jindi Industrial Zone passes from the Jinsha area to the mangroves of Shenzhen Bay, and connects the 15-kilometer coastal promenade of Shenzhen Bay to jointly create a public slow-travel system that connects mountains and seas, stitches mountain and sea green corridors, and builds a complete public space in the area. system. Place the park green space in the middle of the renewal unit to form an important spatial node on the Tonghaida city flow line. At the same time, it also introduces the flow of people on the Tonghai Green Corridor into the park to improve the use efficiency of the park green space, and combines the surrounding small-scale commercial layout , To create a vibrant center of the future city with complete supporting facilities, pleasant environment and comfortable space, and create an urban botanical garden. Connect the first and last bus stops, community activity space and other urban supporting functions on the three-dimensional slow-moving system to strengthen neighborhood communication, ensure street safety, activate street vitality, pay attention to human life, and create small-scale open blocks suitable for walking. City function. Create an urban shared life circle. In addition, in order to avoid affecting the migration of mangrove birds, the project has implemented stricter height restrictions on the plots and reserved sight corridors to ensure the smooth migration of migratory birds.

Project information

Design year: 2015
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong 
Design Team: Chief Architect Studio
Project progress: Under Construction
Building area: 2,750,000 ㎡
Land area: 362,000 ㎡

Award information