Shenzhen LonggangZhangbei Mountain Urban Renewal

Shenzhen Longgang

Zhangbei Mountain Urban Renewal

Zhangbei Mountain Urban Renewal is located in Ailian Street, Longgang Central City, Longgang District, Shenzhen. It is located at an important node of Shenzhen’s eastward strategy and has huge development potential. The north and south sides of the site are natural mountains, of which the maximum height difference of the mountains on the north side is about 60 meters, and the height of the mountains on the south side is about 150 meters. Surrounded by natural mountains, a natural valley is formed inside and the environment is superior. The design starts from "Yingcheng-Plastic Center", aiming to provide an international regional industrial center for Longgang Central District, improve the functions of the old and new districts of Longgang Central City, and shape the life service destination of Longdong Baohe District. The design is based on "industry and city integration", creating a vibrant block with three-dimensional and planar complex and diversified "mixed functions". Innovate the three-dimensional landscape system, highlight the urban public open space, shape the "city regional landmark node", and create a diversified three-dimensional composite transportation system. The plan connects and extends the north and south natural mountains, introduces green ecological landscape, and builds a "one horizontal and three vertical" landscape corridor system to provide community residents with the necessary leisure and entertainment public space for daily life.

Project information

Design year: 2016
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong 
Design Team: Zhubo Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. R Design Branch
Project progress: Designing
Building area: 5,911,000 ㎡
Land area: 1,800,000 ㎡

Award information