ShanghaiInternational Medical Center


International Medical Center

Shanghai International Medical Center, referred to as SIMC, is a science and technology park with the support of the Ministry of Health and the Shanghai Municipal Government to promote new medical concepts. SIMC is a key "medical reform pilot project" of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Government, which gathers top public hospitals. Professional expertise and international high-quality medical services are integrated, and it is designed and built into a leading international general hospital in many aspects, including outpatient and emergency, medical technology, ward, rehabilitation center, physical examination center, etc. Different from the conventional semi-centralized, the conventional layout of the internal courtyard space organization function unit, the project design is more conscientious, more intensive, shorter medical procedures, more humane space experience and less hospital-like interior design.

The design adopts a modular approach in order to achieve higher flexibility and applicability. From the state of capital investment to the medical treatment mode, the logic of combining these modules will change, and the public space and process will change. These combination logics determine the final Results. The design of SIMC is unique in its operation and management, from the appointment-based model, doctor’s work model, private capital’s interest appeals, international hospital management, etc., making the design requirements more unique. Under such a unique combination of logic , Each module finally constitutes a different result.

Intensive planning process, effective use of underground space, logical organization of outpatient modules, special process design such as surgery, ICU, logistics system and sewage collection system and other high-tech adoption, unconventional control of building height, Chinese gardens and The unified coordination of the building and other design features have made SIMC construction a more influential high-end hospital benchmark project in Shanghai and even the whole country. Since its completion, it has received an endless stream of hospital builders and government departments from all over the country.

Project information

Completion year: 2015
Project location: Shanghai 
Design Team: Shanghai Branch
Project progress: built
Building area: 80,000㎡ Land area: 69,000㎡
Project scale: 500 beds
Cooperative unit: Singapore CPG Consulting Pte Ltd

Award information

The Second Shenzhen Housing Construction Engineering Excellent Construction Drawing Design Selection Public Construction Category-Construction Drawing Compilation Quality Silver Award
Third Prize of Outstanding Public Building Design in the 16th Shenzhen Outstanding Survey and Design Selection
The Second Prize of Shanghai Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Public Building Project in 2019