YangjiangPoly Shunfung · Beiluo Secret


Poly Shunfung · Beiluo Secret

Poly Shunfung · Beiluo Secret is located at the southwest end of Hailing Island in Yangjiang. Relying on a superior geographical location and rich natural resources, it integrates history, culture and coastal tourism. The overall planning layout covers super five-star hotel apartments, seaside holiday villas, and sales Building center, Banyan Tree Hotel, etc. Carrying the rich natural resources and strong ocean and silk culture of Hailing Island, it puts forward the planning concept of 'Farmland near the mountains and happy waters, Hailing luxury and beautiful vacation'. The design takes 'sea, mountains, forests, fields, houses' as clues, analyzes the natural features and regional culture of Beiluo Bay, combines the needs and habits of contemporary users, integrates the artificial landscape design into the natural environment, and enables people to stay here. Activities in one area seem to be integrated with nature. The design adapts to nature, borrows natural scenery, and draws inspiration from nature. Starting from the awe of nature, there is no whitewashing or piling up, but silently adding moisturizing things, trying to evoke the memories of the sea, mountains, forests, fields, and houses of the people who have lived in the city for a long time.

Project information

Completion year: 2017
Project location: Yangjiang, Guangdong
Design Team: U+Design Branch
Project progress: Built
Building area: 180,000㎡
Land area: 230,000㎡

Award information

The 13th Jinpan Awards General Selection, Best Tourism Resort of the Year (Jinpan Award Organizing Committee, 2018)
Third Prize of the Public Construction Category of the 9th Architectural Design Award of Guangdong Province (Guangdong Registered Architects Association, 2019)
The 18th Shenzhen Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award, the second prize in the residential category (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2018)
Bronze Award in the Unbuilt Category of the 4th Shenzhen Architectural Design Award (Shenzhen Registered Architects Association, 2018)