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Vanke · Lunas Del Mar

Vanke · Lunas Del Mar is located on the Huidong Shuangyue Bay peninsula. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the natural and cultural landscape on the island is colorful. It is an excellent seaside resort. Including high-rise residences, high-rise apartments, multi-storey residences, low-rise residences, star-rated hotels, low-rise commercial and community supporting facilities, etc., the goal is to build a different coastal vacation destination to make the vacation more in-depth. The plan adopts the town planning principles such as networked streets, public space squares and community centers to create multiple open spaces; not only beaches, but also public spaces inside residential areas for people to communicate and other activities. Combining the elements of the canal to enhance the quality of living, the canal itself is an open space and a place where residents can 'see and play'. The residences along the canal have a rich relationship between advancing and retreating, and the outer walls, courtyard walls, fences, etc. enclose the rich spatial interface of the canal. Combined with a good walking environment on the seashore, it not only provides beautiful road scenery, but also has a pleasant road scale, while also ensuring road accessibility.

Project information

Completion year: 2016
Project location: Huizhou, Guangdong
Design Team: U+Design Branch
Project progress: Built
Building area: 318,000㎡
Land area: 166,000㎡

Award information

Guangdong Province Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, Third Prize in Housing and Residential District (Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association, 2017)
The 17th Shenzhen Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award, the second prize in the residential category (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2016)
Shenzhen's First Architectural Creation Award, Bronze Award in the Built Category (Shenzhen Association of Registered Architects, 2015)