Zhubo Design won the 2020 American IDA International Design Award

Honor Chief Architect Studio

Recently, the United States IDA International Design Awards (International Design Awards) announced the final list of 2020 awards.


Zhubo's design works Foshan Poly Tianyue Exhibition Area and Shenzhen Xin'an Street Comprehensive Cultural Service Building stood out from more than 5,000 entries and won two bronze awards in the architectural design category.


▲Award certificate


Weather vane of global design awards




The IDA International Design Award is one of the most authoritative international design awards in the United States. It was founded in California in 2007. It advocates the sustainability, science and intelligence of design, and the selection conditions are very strict.


The awards cover five categories: architectural design, interior design, product design, fashion design, and graphic design. Emphasis on visual design and trendy topics, it is known as the "vane" of the world's major design awards.


▲Member of IDA International Jury

The jury is composed of well-known designers and professional media in the fields of global architecture, design, and fashion. It is committed to arousing public attention to world-wide excellent design, leading and catalyzing the creation of disruptive and innovative new concepts, and looking for truly international standards. Design works.


In 2020, IDA International Design Awards ushered in the most successful year since the award was founded, with more countries and the number of entries than any previous edition.


Award-winning works


▌Foshan Poly Tianyue Exhibition Area ▌



The concept of the Foshan Poly Tianyue Exhibition Area comes from three aspects: city and nature, space generation logic, and human behavior activities.


Correspondingly, it creates the spatial texture of "urban stage", "moving sceneries with different steps," "virtual and real", "advancing and retreating", and "opening and closing". At the same time, the details of the shading, rain shelter, and ventilation structure are improved to adapt to the climatic characteristics of Lingnan.


This kind of community atmosphere shared with the city is exactly what the designer originally wanted as a "community creator", and it is also the city's expectation.






Project Name: Foshan Poly Tianyue Exhibition Area

Project location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Project function: display area

Completion time: 2019

Building area: 1688 square meters

Project status: put into use

Project Director: Yang Weizhong

Project Manager: Ye Xiaojuan, Zou Ke

Leading architects: Liu Wubin, Guan Guozhong

Project team: Zhang Jianmei, Lai Shengqi, Liang Jingfeng, Liu Songzhou, Su Jianbin, Feng Weina, Chen Xiaojun, Li Yingwei, Luo Jie

Architectural design: Luo Wei, He Jiaying, Lin Yuqiang,

Structural design: Wu Kailin

Electrical design: Ren Zhaobo

HVAC design: Bai Lichun

Water Supply and Drainage Design: Li Enrong

Green Building Design: Wang Zhi

Project Owner: Poly South China Industrial Co., Ltd.

Representatives of the owners: Xie Heng, Xiao Jun, Chen Zhiye, Zhao Yixin

Landscape design: Shenzhen Aoya Design Co., Ltd.

Interior design: CCD Hong Kong Zhengzhong Design Office

Photographer: Zhang Xuetao


▌Shenzhen Xin'an Street Comprehensive Cultural Service Building ▌



The Comprehensive Cultural Service Building of Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, is located on the west side of the intersection of Guangshen Road and Shangchuan Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It integrates a comprehensive cultural activity center, a community comprehensive service center and a bus terminal.
 The designer proposed the design concepts of "a box, the scarcity of public space", "a corridor, three-dimensional and block-oriented public space", "a shadow, permeability of public space", and "a forest, identification of public space". Trying to explore a new model of community service space in high-density, high-floor-rate areas.






Project Name: Comprehensive Cultural Service Building, Xin'an Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Project location: Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Project function: Comprehensive cultural activity center, community comprehensive service center, bus terminal

Building area: 16,000 square meters

Completion time: 2019

Project status: put into use

Project Director: Yang Weizhong

Project Manager: Wang Qi, Ye Xiaojuan

Leading architects: Liu Wubin, Rong Yang

Project team: Tang Tao, Feng Zhiyun, Zhou Zhangyao, Pang Zhenfei

Architectural design: Liang Guihai, Cen Yunyong, Jia Kang

Structural design: Xu Feng, Li Sha, Chen Limin, Wang Yuexing, Liang Kanghua

Electrical design: Liao Jianbang, Chen Baijian

HVAC design: Liu Hong, Lu Shenghua, Yang Jiushen, Jiang Rigao

Water supply and drainage design: Liang Longgang, Xiao Qihong, Chen Yaotang

Green Building Design: Chen Chunyan, Wang Qian

Client: Shenzhen Bainianchun Investment Development Co., Ltd.

Representatives of the entrusting party: Liu Jianying, Luo Shulong, Zhan Yanjuan

Project Owner: Public Property Management Bureau of Baoan District, Shenzhen