WudiVanke Chengyuan


Vanke Chengyuan

This case belongs to the Hanyi Road area where Qiaokou District of Wuhan launched the "two rivers and four banks" old reconstruction plan on the north bank of the Han River. The development was implemented by Vanke Group. The old residential areas around the project and high-rise residential buildings under construction are intertwined, and the urban relationship is complex. The design needs to coordinate multiple functional buildings here, including two high-rise residential buildings, a 30 class primary school and supporting living space.


It is designed to maximize the use of open corridors along the river in terms of building orientation and axis layout. The residential tower is raised to optimize the landscape view, so that the high area can overlook the Han River. The design of the primary school adopts the superposition method. A variety of functional spaces are folded into a ground floor volume, which is integrated into the urban texture in an amiable manner.

Project information

Completion year: 2021
Project location: Wuhan, Hubei
Design Team: Wuhan Branch
Project progress: Built
Building area: 98,720㎡
Land area: 23,300㎡

Award information

First Prize of 2022 Hubei Province (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) Survey and Design Achievement Evaluation Activity Residential and Residential Quarter

The second prize of the architectural garden group in the survey and design achievements evaluation activity of Wuhan (small and medium-sized enterprises) in 2022