ShenzhenLongyuan School Affiliated to Central China Normal University


Longyuan School Affiliated to Central China Normal University

The Longyuan School Affiliated to Central China Normal University is located in Longgang Community, Longgang Town. It is a nine-year comprehensive campus that meets the various functional needs of approximately 3,360 students in 72 classes. It mainly serves the surrounding residential groups. The design of the project takes "creating a more natural and open teaching environment" as the starting point, drawing inspiration from the combination of corridors, courtyards, lanes and platforms in traditional Chinese architecture, starting from the principles of openness and flexibility, and creating creation through the full use of space Create a more colorful outdoor learning, living and interactive space. In a corner of the city's 100-meter high-rise building, there is a uniquely interesting, cascading green valley. Based on demand, the architectural plan of Longyuan School affiliated to Central China Normal University is in an L-shaped layout. On the one hand, the homogeneous teaching units are arranged in a relatively concentrated manner to ensure good sunshine and enclosed courtyards with different personalities under tight spacing. The courtyard is not directly on the ground, but placed on a splendid green slope to create a garden-like campus environment and ample venues for activities. The main space layout is divided into the primary school teaching building, the junior high school teaching building, the lecture hall, the corridor area, the gymnasium, the playground, the teaching staff building and the canteen. The different functional areas are connected by steps, ramps, alleys, corridors, and courtyards. , To create an interactive teaching space system that does not interfere with each other in space and can be easily connected.

Project information

Completion year: 2018
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Design Team: AAO
Project progress: built
Building area: 52,000 ㎡
Land area: 31,000 ㎡

Award information

Award information: Third Prize of the Public Construction Category of the 9th Architectural Design Award of Guangdong Province (Guangdong Association of Registered Architects, 2019)
The third prize of the third Shenzhen Architectural Creation Award for uncompleted projects & the second prize of construction drawing design (Shenzhen Association of Registered Architects, 2017)