SanyaHaitang HWA


Haitang HWA

The site is planned to be built into the last front-line villa community in Sanya, equipped with a century-old Waldorf Astoria hotel, naturally cultivated landscape terraces, allowing them to achieve a more perfect slope shape with the ground. The project takes the traditional Chinese courtyard as the main concept of planning and design. A large courtyard is formed through 6-10 villas, and a harmonious and noble community culture atmosphere is created with the most suitable public space for holiday activities. The courtyard is closed and the courtyard is a courtyard. After leaving the hospital, it is a semi-private group of three to five. The hospitals are close and distanced from each other. They are friendly and well suited to each other. Privacy is not about isolating communication, but designing their own communication at will. The whole group of low-rise villas is divided into north and south areas, and the courtyard villas are arranged in the form of courtyard-style planning: the north and south areas are connected in series by a central landscape axis, the scale is open and the space is full of interest and story; the courtyard-style settlement The space is organically combined to form large and small gardens and landscape axes, creating a rich 'neighborhood space' and a livable atmosphere of 'showing mountains and dews'.

Project information

Completion year: 2019
Project location: Sanya, Hainan
Design Team: U+Design Branch
Project progress: Built
Building area: 288,000㎡
Land area: 164,000㎡

Award information