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China Overseas Property · Ludan Garden

China Overseas Property · Ludan Garden is located in Luohu District, Shenzhen, and is the first super high-rise prefabricated project in China. Due to the surrounding enclosed layout, the small shops are arranged along the urban roads, the enclosed inner courtyard is larger, and the landscape is mainly green land combined with hard landscape paving. The main method of greening is to plant trees at a point pitch to make the courtyard as shaded as possible to provide residents with a good leisure atmosphere. In front of the commercial street, the hard pavement is mainly used, combined with the urban green belt and the Ludan Village Building to create a comfortable and pleasant place for public activities, which not only beautifies the surrounding environment, but also provides a good place for leisure activities and fitness.


The facade design adopts simple modern and elegant style, the color is mainly off-white, with a small amount of dark gray paint in some parts, and the entrance gate of the residence is decorated with stone to enhance the quality of the residence. Reasonable color matching makes the whole residential area appear calm and majestic, and achieve a harmonious balance with the surrounding beautiful environment. The layout of high-rise residential buildings is neat and reasonable, with a strong sense of rhythm, thus forming a very uniform and changeable city skyline.

Project information

Completion year: 2017
Project location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Design Team: U+Design Branch / City Mark Branch
Project progress: built
Building area: 260,000 ㎡
Land area: 48,000 ㎡
Cooperative unit: Shenzhen Cooper Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.

Award information

China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, Gold Award for Outstanding Residential District (Housing Engineering Steering Committee of China Civil Engineering Society, 2018)
National Human Settlement Classic Architecture Planning and Design Competition Comprehensive Award (Architectural Society of China, National Human Settlement Classic Competition Organizing Committee, 2015)
Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award of Guangdong Province Second Prize of Housing and Residential District (Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association, 2019)
The 18th Shenzhen Outstanding Engineering Survey and Design Award Second Prize in Housing & Second Prize in Structural Engineering & Second Prize in Water System Engineering (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2018)
The third prize of the 17th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award BIM Design Special (Shenzhen Survey and Design Industry Association, 2016)