FoshanPoly Grand Mansion Exhibition Center


Poly Grand Mansion Exhibition Center

Exhibition center of poly grand mansion comes from the idea of three program areas: the city and nature, space generation logic, human behavior and activities. Corresponding design creates a spatial texture of "urban stage", "moving sceneries with different steps", "virtual and real", "advancing and retreating", and "opening and closing". At the same time perfect shade, shelter, ventilation and construction details, to adapt to climate Lingnan characteristics. The design of architectural details needs to pay attention to the three major climate factors of sun protection, rain protection and ventilation. The south-facing glass curtain wall of the building uses three silver double laminated insulating glass, which has excellent thermal performance, effectively reduces the energy consumption of air conditioning, and ensures a good indoor body feel. The east and west sides retreat inward and the roof on the south side rises to form a self-shading space.

Project information

Completion year: 2019
Project location: Foshan, Guangdong
Design Team: Chief Architect Studio
Project progress: built
Building area: 1,900㎡

Award information