Shenzhen Green Building Association Forum: "Building a green building industry chain and promoting industry integration"

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The Secretary-General of Shenzhen Green Building Association Wang Xiangyu, Vice Presidents Rao Shaohua and Xu Cuimei, Minister Huang Yaxian, and Vice Ministers Lin Ping and Xie Rongrong visited Zhubo Design on the morning of July 28 to carry out a guidance and exchange meeting on the future development of the green building industry. The meeting was presided over by the general manager of Zhubo Technology Zhao Baosen, and all members of the Green Building Department of Zhubo Technology attended the meeting.


▲Group photo of participants


Before the meeting, Secretary-General Wang and his entourage visited the office environment designed by Zhubo to learn about our company's development and business sectors.


▲Shenzhen Green Building Association Secretary General Wang delivered a speech


Then there was an in-depth exchange and discussion session. The meeting was led by Secretary-General Wang to give a speech, focusing on the rapid development of the Shenzhen Green Building Association since its establishment in 2008. As a vice president unit, Zhubo Design has always maintained positive interactions with the association and regular exchanges. It is an indispensable link in the green building industry chain in Shenzhen. It is committed to providing professional and efficient technical services to all units and enterprises. Work together to promote the innovation, exchange and cooperation of Shenzhen's green building technology, and actively promote the vigorous development of Shenzhen's green building industry.



▲Zhao Baosen, general manager of Zhubo Technology, delivered a speech


▲Lin Chaonan, director of the green construction department of Zhubo Technology, delivered a speech


Zhubo Design is the first batch of green building technology consulting and filing units in Guangdong Province, the vice president unit of the Shenzhen Green Building Association, and a member unit of the US Green Building Association. The Green Building Department was established in 2010. The team members include a number of green building review experts, American LEED certified engineers and WELL healthy building certified engineers. Over the past ten years, Zhubo Design has successfully obtained green building certification marks for hundreds of projects, including many high-star projects.


▲The green building team actively discussed with the representatives of the Green Association


The Green Construction team and the Green Association representatives actively discussed the technological changes and key and difficult issues of the new national standard. At the same time, General Manager Zhao Baosen expressed sincere gratitude to the Green Association for its continuous support and help.


▲ Minister Rao of Shenzhen Talents Anju Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech


▲General Manager Xu of Shenzhen Zhongshenzhuang Construction Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech


In his speech, Minister Rao of Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Co., Ltd. talked about the importance and irreplaceability of Shenzhen Green Building Association in promoting cooperation between member companies. As the Secretary General of the Green Association Wang said, member units should strengthen communication and exchanges and cooperate actively. As the mainstay of the industry, Zhubo Design is expected to play a role in promoting the integration of the green construction industry. As a senior review expert and general manager of an excellent medical enterprise, Ms. Xu from Shenzhen Zhongshenzhuang Construction Group Co., Ltd. expressed her willingness to cooperate with the Zhubo design team in the medical construction industry in the future.


▲Huang Yaxian, Minister of Technology Department of Shenzhen Green Building Association, delivered a speech


Subsequently, Minister Huang Yaxian of the Green Association interpreted the main updates of the new national standard for green buildings, indicated the release time and review process of the templates of the new national standard, and patiently answered the difficult questions raised by the Zhubo Green Construction team against the new national standard. Actively discussed technical measures with colleagues.


At the end of the meeting, Secretary General Wang, Vice Chairman Rao, and Vice Chairman Xu of the Green Association highly praised and affirmed Zhubo Design’s outstanding work results and excellent business capabilities as the vice-chairman unit, and at the same time laid the foundation for the future with General Manager Zhao Baosen A more diversified and innovative cooperation tone in the green building business will jointly push green buildings to a higher level.