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Ma Zhenyan, chief structural engineer of Zhubo Design, has joined Zhubo Design since the establishment of the group. He has been engaged in structural design for nearly 30 years. Mr. Ma has witnessed the whole process of the entire architectural design industry from vigorous development to maturity and stability. With the development pressure of the design and structural design industry, where will structural engineers go? How should young people plan their career development path? Let's listen to what Mr. Ma has to say.


Q: Regarding your structure class in the training institute director class, the students generally received a lot of feedback. What is the main theme you want to convey in the class?


Nowadays, some young architects in the company are actually more passive in their work. They often get the project and wait for the finalization of the construction plan before starting to communicate with different professions. When I participated in the Huaqiang Garden and Golden Mile Blue Bay projects, I worked very happily with Mr. Yang Weizhong and Mr. Yang Jin. At that time, Zhubo was just established, and the structure team had only a few people. Maybe a project of 100,000 square meters had to be completed by myself, but I was able to control the pace of work very well. The main method was to intervene in the project in advance.


Shenzhen Vanke Golden Mile Blue Bay


For example, perform calculation and analysis at the plan stage, provide the basement and standard floor column nets in a timely and accurate manner, first provide key information for the construction profession, and the subsequent work will be simple and smooth. The drawings returned by the architectural profession do not require too many repeated revisions to avoid working overtime overnight. I think this is a lack of some young structurers in the company. Everyone is busy and contemplates the moment, confined to their own field, they can’t let go, useless modification consumes energy, invades personal time, and the sense of value is not reflected. In fact, if you take the initiative to take the initiative in your work and get involved in the project in advance, it will bring convenience to yourself. Therefore, the structural engineer must improve his comprehensive design ability through learning and practice, and strengthen the initiative in the work, and there must be a kind of cooperation and cooperation. Dedication.



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Q: You have worked in Zhubo for so many years. It can be said that you have witnessed the development of the company. What are the impressive nodes for you?



The first stage was when I first entered Zhubo. At that time, the company's project type was mainly residential, and the building scale was also relatively large. It was different from the current detailed division of labor. At that time, the structural designer was required to complete the entire project alone, so I can have the opportunity to experience a whole process, a more comprehensive exercise.

The second stage is to cooperate with President Feng Guochuan and President Zhong Qiao to complete many interesting public construction projects, such as Nanning Planning Exhibition Hall, Guangming Public Service Platform and so on. The beautiful architectural shape requires the support of the structure behind it, which urges the structural profession to learn and improve.


Nanning Planning Exhibition Hall © Zhubo Design


Shenzhen Guangming Public Service Platform © Zhubo Design


After 2013, as an over-limit expert, I have the opportunity to participate in conferences to further broaden my horizons. In recent years, Zhubo has cooperated with overseas companies and has been able to access complex projects of foreign companies, such as Shenzhen Hanjing Center, Qianhai Shimao Building, etc. These projects are very characteristic, and they have greatly improved the design level of the company and the company. Great help.

The development of the structure mainly relies on the building. Completing the design of complex projects can accumulate experience and improve one's own ability. Behind the architectural plan, the structure must find ways to support its implementation.


Shenzhen Hanking Center © Zhang Chao


Qianhai Shimao Building © Zhubo Design


Q: The current loss of structural engineers is very serious, and there are many career changes. What advice do you have for the remaining structural engineers?



In fact, any industry can only attract more talents in a period of rapid development. Now the entire construction industry has entered a stable period, and the sense of value and social status of structural engineers is not as good as before. In first-tier cities like Shenzhen, high housing prices have put pressure on young people to survive, but I think interest is often the root of people's persistence.

For self-development, to break through the bottleneck and achieve professionalism, it is far from enough to have the theoretical knowledge learned in school. It also needs accumulated work experience to encounter and solve problems in the work, so as to realize self-growth. In this process, if you really love structural design, you will find that the more you do it, the more interesting it is, and the more you do it, the more you can find the value of your work. This principle will not change with the development of the industry. Discover your own hobbies and keep your feet on the ground. Doing everything well is a compulsory homework for every young person.


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